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Dear Dancers,

Hoa2 is requiring all clubs to present a new charter. I will add the file for the sample charter.  I think we want to be Tier 1, so we can not have members who do not live in SaddleBrroke, however, non members can come as guests if we involve Banquet service?  ( Non Members can come to Hoa1 dances , the First Thursdays at Hoa1 for sure).


Article 1) lists our name as: SaddleBrooke Partners Western Dance Club.

Article 2) our purpose is to encourage residents who are interested in learning Western Dancing, and attending Western Dances.

Dues are $15, or as deemed necessary, payable before January 1st.

Membership is limited to 300.

These are the blanks I have to fill in.  The rest is boiler plate that Hoa2 requires, so we have no option.

Regarding the 300….I don’t think we will ever reach that, but I am not concerned with dance floor space, we have anywhere from 48 to 90 at our dances, we have never had all members at any dance, something to work on.

Please read the sample charter, and vote yes or no, and respond to me.

2nd Vote, Candidates who have agreed to be officers:

Jane Gromelski President and Treasurer

Ted Shin, Vice Pres.

Nancy Selinsky, Secretary.

Please Vote Yes or no for the slate.

2018 SaddleBrooke HOA#2 Clubs/Organization Information Form

Official Club/Org. name: ___________________________________________________________

Name as appears in your bylaws

Club/Org. name to be listed as:_____________________________________________________

If your official name starts with SaddleBrooke you may omit it or add it at the end

The purpose of the Club/Org.: ______________________________________________________

Example: Play cards, dance, art join together for educational exchange

Club/Organization TIER ____________________________________________________________ 

Club/Org. Categories: please check the group that best fits your club:

    Arts and Crafts      Political       Singing, Dancing and Performing      Support

    Cards and Games      Religious Study       Social Group                Travel

    Educational         Service             Sports, Athletics and Exercise       Pet Groups

     Other _________________________________________________________________________ 

Approximate number of members:   _______ Is the club open to new members? 

Yes ___No ___    If not, why _________________________________________________________ 

Are all of your members residents?   Yes _____ No_______ 

Are there requirements to membership?   Yes _____   No ______       

 Please Explain ______________________________________________________________________

Are dues or fees collected? Yes___ No___    How much?   _______________________________   

How Often? _______________

Approximate Club/Org. fund balance (to be considered for budget requests): ________________________________________________

Does Your Club/Org. hire an instructor or contractor?  Yes _______ No ________

Frequency? __________________________________________________________________

Registered by SBHOA#2   Yes ____ No____   or SBHOA#1   Yes ____    No ______

 Meeting Location(s):   _________________________    Room(s)________________                                            

 Meeting Days:     ______________________________                                                                             

Meeting Time?     _____________________________                                                              

 #1 Contact Person:   __________________________ Phone #   _________________                                                                        

 Email ______________________________________

 #2 Contact Person:   __________________________ Phone #   _________________                                                                       

 Email ______________________________________

 Club/Org.’s Web Page Address ___________________________________________

Registered as a non-profit club or organization 501C7 or 501C3 ? Yes ______  No ______

 Name of Person completing this form _____________________________________

 Date ________________

Please return completed form to the SBHOA#2 Administration Office, and it will be reviewed by the Fitness Wellness and Recreation Committee. It may also be emailed to

This form must be updated annually in January by each club or organization





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