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November 2018 Update

Dear Dancers….see info below on an upcoming dance at Sun City and further down….our latest news.
Dear Dancers,
The Kactus Kickers are having their 1st official dance Nov. 9th, I dont know what the menu is.  Here is the problem, members of our group, who are also KK members, arent here yet.
Their members can buy tickets on Thursday.  Their members can buy a table for some of us on Thursday…
They will save us 2 tables, for us, we who are non members, so 20 people can go. Non members can buy tables on Friday.
Stan and i wont go, but i will gladly collect money ($20 per person)  if someone wants to get it from me Thursday night at class in the Mariposa room, at 6pm.. And then go buy the tickets Friday, between 9 and 11 am.
I will go buy the time your email arrives at my IPod, if we have too many who want to go.  So email me to get on the list, and drop your money off.
Then we need a volunteer to go buy tickets.
They dont want anyone buying tickets at the dance. Remember they are limiting the dancers to 160.
I urge you to go, it is a great dance floor and band, and an inexpensive meal. BYOB, but they do provide Mixers/ soda.
You have just Wednesday and Thursday, to drop meney off, make checks payable to Kactus Kickers.
See Yvettes email below.
Hi Jane.  Our first dance of the season is Friday, November 9th-6:30 to 9:30.  (Clear Country)
We are saving two tables (of 10) for you.  We are trying to get away from “will call” this year.  If someone could come ahead of time and buy the tables that would be helpful.  We need to know members or nonmembers and names.  Ticket sales are Thursday and Friday (Nov. 1 and 2) – 9 to 11 in the activity center.  Cost is $15 for members, $20 for nonmembers.
It is also helpful to know if anyone has any dietary needs.
Thanks Jane.  Looking forward to a good season.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Yvette Schulz
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Dear Dancers,
See Lesson and Dance info below.
…..We have been canceled by both Hoa1 and Hoa2 forWednesdays 6pm class. I knew about Hoa2 but Hoa1 was just announced. So no Texas 2 Step Wednesday.
Monday, In HOA1, this is a change of venue
At 5pm we will have a coached practice for the Night Club 2 Step class.
At 6pm, we will have a coached practice for the Texas 2 step class….if you can come, we can also move on to the next step.  it depends on how confident everyone is.
At 7pm, we will have a coached practice for Partner Pattern dance class.
Note well. this is a different venue, we will be in the Vermilion  room, by the restaurant.
Thursday:In the Mariposo room at Desertview.
We will have Night Club 2 class at 5pm.
We will have Partner Pattern class at 6pm….Tom and Pam will be back.
We will have a great time dancing, Yee Haw!
Dance info…..
A note on prices,,,,,food options are now all into the $30 plus range by the time you add tax and tip. meals start at $26 then 26.2% T&T.
So we are really going to have to make these extra special nights of dancing fun, to be worth our money
November 13th is the Sock Hop!, tickets are on sale at the Hoa2 office.  Meatloaf is the entree, Tables weren’t assigned.  This is Wild Ride, in there alter ego state as 3 Jacks and a Julie.  So the same great band, music from our youth!  Another great night of dancing fun, Tickets are $29 per person.
Yee Haw!

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