Dancing in the Dark


Dancing in the Dark

Our dancers are very enthusiastic about learning and practicing their Western dance moves. I offer a case on point. During the massive blackout that occurred on March 9th, stretching from Catalina to Oracle,Stan and I were delayed getting to SaddleBrooke to start our Coached Practice. We called our trusty SideKicks, Ned and Nancy Selinsky, and Tom and Pam Kruse, and asked them to provide the music. We knew they would handle the practice in our absence. When we finally arrive at 6:45, much to our dismay, the building was dark! Then we noticed that the side door was open, and there was movement inside. We approached with caution….what was going on? We walked in to see 8 couples doing the steps to Waltz Across Texas, with very subdued lighting from the emergency lights in the Fitness room. As our eyes adjusted, there was enough light to follow the Selinskys and Kruses as they led the review. And, as the night grew darker, everyone stayed thru several more dance reviews! And another couple arrived!…great faith that practice would go on even during a black out. Nancy’s player uses a battery, so we had music. I am exceedingly proud, and amazed at our dancers dedication to learning….and the fun they have dancing. Even laughing while Dancing in the Dark

For information on Dances or classes, please email me: janewesterndance@aol.com. We have a website also: sbpartnerswesterndance.wordpress.com. Stan and I are SaddleBrooke residents, and love to share the joy we have dancing. Come join us.

Yee Haw!

Jane Gromelski

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