2018/2019 Fall Schedule

Hello Dancers

Dear Dancers,
1) We will have a coached practice at the Mountain view Ballroom, on Monday at 6pm.  Stan and I will be there to play music, and answer questions.
2Partners Western dance class will be at 6pm, in the Mountainview Ballroom, on Wednesday.
3)Thursday: In the Mariposa room, in Desertview.
 At 5pm will be our class on the Night Club 2 Step!
At 6pm, we will have our class on Partner Pattern  dances. Tom and Pam will be back.
Our next Western dance is Saturday, November 3. Doors and Cash Bar open at 5pm, plated Caesar salad at 5:45, then the buffet with 3 meat Lasagna, Lobster Ravioli with a citrus sauce. Chef will make pasta with pomodoro sauce with ( i choice chicken  or shrimp, so vote) if you cant have chesse or gluten..
I have also asked for cookies. I mush have a final count by Thursday night, this week! Tickets are $30 per member, $35 for guests. Please drop off payment to:65753 E Rolling Hills DR.
Membership is $15 per person.
Clear Country will play, I am ready for a great night since I haven’t heard them all summer!!
A note on prices,,,,,food options are now all into the $30 plus range by the time you add tax and tip. meals start at $26 then 26.2% T&T.
So we are really going to have to make these extra special nights of dancing fun, to be worth our money
I will print off the meal options, and bring copies to the dance so you all can have a look, and give me your suggestions.
November 13th is the Sock Hop!, tickets are on sale at the Hoa2 office.  Meatloaf is the entree, Tables weren’t assigned.  This is Wild Ride, in there alter ego state as 3 Jacks and a Julie.  So the same great band, music from our youth!  Another great night of dancing fun, Tickets are $29 per person.
Yee Haw!

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